Wednesday, September 26, 2007

what's up?

♥love. something we all hope for. if you've seen the movie Aquamarine you'll recall the moment that Haley said, "The reason people love [love] so much is that it's the closest thing to magic." Some people never find it, and others find their lifelong love at a young age. And sometimes people, opportunities, shyness, and other things getting in the way, it discourages you from the person you love. Sometimes it's just so hard to get his attention! But don't be discouraged for too long!!! Love others. Love yourself. Love life. Be good to others. And someday you may find your "soulmate" or "partner" or "true love". Your chance WILL come. You just need to take that chance. Take the opportunity when it winds your way and embrace your connections....they may be handy!
Your guy's best friend's girlfriends Bff may be your lab partner! Talk to her. Be her friend. Who knows? She might invite you to each lunch with her group and KABOOM! He may notice you.
Okay, so I'm not saying use others in your quest for love, but be nice to everyone, b/c it might be an advantage to you...and him!

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